Atharva Shah Cricket Tournament

The Atharva Shah Cricket Tournament is an event introduced to the school fixture in memory of Atharva Shah, a young ex-Wilsonian who tragically died in a swimming accident in Goa in 2003. Jointly organized by the school and his family, Mr. & Mrs. Ajay Shah, the tournament has become an event that is looked forward to by all cricked lovers in the city and has been received very enthusiastic participation by all the city's top schools.

Eight of the city's premier institutions have been participating year after year namely, K.C.M. School, V.K.S. Public School, St. Paul's College, Tiny Tots College, P.M.S. School, Spring Field College, Maharaja Agarsen Public School and Wilsonia College. The tournament is held in league matches, leading up to a semi-final and then a final match.

As an event, this tournament has a sentimental value for every Wilsonian past or present. It has become a celebration of youth and bringing of student community together. It is a process of shining and excelling, a bringing about feelings of brotherhood and of making boys turn into men.


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