Wilsonia is a proud centre of the BrainOBrain Academy. The academy whose headquarters is in Chennai, is one of the pioneers who have opened a new frontier in the ABACUS industry by integrating the latest science of human excellence known as Neuro Linguistic Programming along with the wisdom of ancient Chinese civilization which evolved a scientifically attestable method to harness brain potential.

In current education, the world over has been neglecting the development of the whole brain potential. To combat the pressures of the increasingly challenging new world. the upcoming generation needs stimuli to activate both the creative and logical pathways. This leading edge is offered to the child through the ABACUS mental Arithmetic System offered by BrainOBrain.

The BrainOBrain concept enables children to gain speed and accuracy for calculating besides acquiring skills sets that increase mathematical invitation. As children progress into advanced levels, they become versatile  with the techniques of comprehensively understanding all concepts in every domain. they will have a grasp of the overall concepts as well as retaining specific details. Parents would be able to discern the difference while witnessing their total performance.

Classes are conducted once a week for each batch so as not to effect the normal curriculum of the child. One two hour class once a week with a 15 minute practice each day will ensure the child's over all brain development. The programme is divide into levels of three months each and the whole course comprises of then levels. So in two and half years the course guarantees a phenomenal increase in the child's brain potential.


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