Co-Curricular Activities

Every child must participate in the co-curricular activities that the school has to offer. It is an integral part of the overall development of the child. Games, Physical Education, Competitions and other events help build a spirit of friendly competition, communication, teamwork and also a self-confidence in the students. The various activities conducted in the school are -

a) Inter-House Matches

Inter-House matches in various sports and athletic competitions are held each year and all the students are expected to participate unless they are exempted on medical grounds.

b) Leadership

The school also endeavors to promote qualities of leadership by giving responsible posts of Head Boy/Girl, House Captains, Representatives to the Student Cabinet. This creates a sense of involvement and inculcates an attitude of self-discipline and responsibility.

c) Literary and Cultural Activities

Literary and Cultural activities and Fine Arts also form an integral part of the school. The school holds Cultural and Literary Competitions each year, and every student is encouraged to take active interest in these activities which include Debating, Dramatics, Elocution, Essay Writing, Drawing and Painting, etc. These activities are instrumental in bringing out the talent of the growing children and help in creating a more balanced individual.


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